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The advantage of custom clubs is that the club is fitted to the persons swing and stature.

Everyone does not wear a size 9 shoe ---so why should every golfer use the same size, weight or type of club.

Another big advantage of custom clubs is the greater variety of options of shafts, grips and heads that specifically fit the persons swing type.


  • Personal Club fitting to the individual golfer -- a 14 step process using "The Achiever Swing Analyzer" and other Laser Driven measuring techniques.
  • Custom built woods, irons and putters.
  • Complete retro fitting of own clubs: I take your existing set of golf clubs and customize them to fit you.
  • Re-shafting: Fitting and installing a new shaft into an existing club head. (2-Day Service)
  • Re-gripping: Removing and installing new grips onto your existing golf clubs. (24-hour turn around)
  • Spine aligning: Aligning the shafts of your new or existing golf clubs.
  • Loft & Lie Adjusting: Customizing the loft and lie of your clubs to improve your game.

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